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We have several publishing groups:

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We have received many questions as to what authors we publish at Glendower Media.  The answer is a wide spectrum of writers from humor to adventure.  Self help and teachers are also represented, along with books on history, music and the arts.  Here are the current list of writers along with some that have not yet been published, but will be in the near future.


Benchley eyes  Robert Benchley-

A founding member of the famed Algonquin Round Table and winner of the Academy Award for “How To Sleep”.  Benchley was Drama Critic of Life and The New Yorker as well as a radio and movie star.  He developed the basis of humor and comedy for the 20th Century. His books and films have been the inspiration for comedy writers like Woody Allen, Dave Barry and Steve Martin.










  Dorothy Parker- A founding member of The Algonquin Round Table with Benchley, Parker was famous for quips and retorts and her poetry.  She is an icon of writing space, funny lines and is an inspiration for writers even today.  Her “Big Blonde” is considered a master piece.  Many other Parker pieces are scattered far and wide in  American literature.








GuitarMike  Mike Ball- A winner of the Erma Bombeck Award for Humor, Mike is a syndicated columnist writing for more than 100 newspapers thru out the world, including AnnArbor.com in Ann Arbor Michigan.  His books are his collected columns and contain bits of wisdom concerning Angles, Tater Mitts, dogs, Dr Mike, adventures in boating, slush nuggets and butt dialing.  Funny, silly and profound, Mike delights readers as they recognize the things that Mike does and they probably do.  Mike is also the founder of Lost Voices, a group that works with incarcerated children. www.learnedsofar.com









denny_mc_lain  Denny McLain-  Two Time Cy Young Award winner and baseballs only living 30 game winner, Denny McLain is a great story teller and a larger than life personality.  A fierce competitor on the field, and just as mountain top……….and fallen off, all the way to the bottom.  His story of winning and losing is compelling and inspiring.  From the Big Leagues to prison, from the pinnacle of athletics to the depth of losing a daughter and time in prison, Denny McLain will captivate you with his story.



“Denny McLain,

Denny McLain,

There’s never been any,

Like Denny McLain”

-Ernie Harwell






me  Thomas Saunders-  As a Director and editor for Glendower Media, Tom is seen mostly as an editor.  He is also a writer who has won the Robert Benchley Award and as an editor has won several National Indie Excellence Awards.  Along with Jack Ryan, he also won the Readers Favorite Award in 2012 for the Motown book, “RECOLLECTIONS: The Motown Sound By The People Who Made It”.  His writing takes the form of humor, as editor for the Robert Benchley Society Magazine, called The Articles of Confederation, and in his series of adventures featuring Peter Strand, the most unlikely and most reluctant hero.









Jack Ryan  Jack Ryan-  A long time entertainment writer, Jack Ryan is a Detroit fan of music.  His taste and duties took him into the middle of the explosion  of the Motown Sound, and he talked to every one who was a part of that incredible time in American music.  He wrote RECOLLECTIONS as a fan who loved the music, loved the show and loved the fact that talent was on every corner in Detroit.  This is the first book of two, as Ryan intends to follow up his Detroit tales of Motown with the California tales of Motown and Berry Gordy’s push into movies.  Jack also became so involved in the music that he became the manager of Motown legends, The Contours, who went on to be featured in “Dirty Dancing”.  Jack is the manager of The Contours, featuring Sil Potts today. Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award and the Readers Favorite Award 2012.





Richard Harding Davis  Richard Harding Davis-  The first American media celebrity was Richard Harding Davis.  In the late 19th century American might was being flexed in business and in politics through out the world.  As a newspaper correspondent, Davis went to all the hot spots and reported on the activities as probably the first “Embedded” writer in publishing. He rode with the soldiers, ate with them and saw what they saw.  His stories from the front from several wars thrilled readers at home and earned for Davis a romantic reputation.  His books reflect that “American as Knight” and in the Gilded Age the message of Americans bringing help and justice to a savage world rang strongly.  These books are reprints of the stirring and heartfelt stories of Richard Harding Davis.








79px-HighSchoolGirls  Jessie Graham Flower-  Before Nancy  Drew, before votes for women, before the world became hardened and cynical due to wars and depressions, adventure was not for girls.  Except for one…….the first American girl who did things that all girls wanted to do…..to do what all girls could do if they could see the actual deeds of another doing them.  This girl was Grace Harlowe.  In the period from the Spanish American War until WWI the world of Adventures for Girls was owned by Grace Harlowe, who fought in her won way for justice, fair play and the doing of great deeds for her friends and for her community.  Here is the foundation of the “American Dream”, as seen in the early 20th century.  Join Grace and her friends as they go thru high school to college and even more ground breaking, to serve in the American push in World War I, the “War to end all Wars”.  The complete series will be published encompassing some 27 titles in the coming





Dr. Kim Schunkwiler, DC-



Harold MacGrath  Harold MacGrath-  Adventure in America in the 1890′s and early 1900′s involved young men doing daring deeds in foreign lands.  Making bridges, roadways, building large ships, and saving small romantic kingdoms from snarling dictators, while winning the hand of a beautiful daughter of some captain of industry were the order of the day.  None did it better than Harold MacGrath.  His stories rang with “American Exceptionally”.

People cheered when a new MacGrath volume was released.  See why adventure in those days was stamped “Made in USA”.







Dick Purtan-  Detroit legend on radio, Dick Purtan, is one funny and charming man. For decades he rode to work with millions and spun the records that defined America on the move.  He did funny bits that became legendary and were part of the reason that his listeners were so loyal.  You never knew what was going to happen when Purtan and his band of crazy people took to the airwaves.  Music, comedy, satire and voices of everyone in the news, all were part of Puritan’s radio realm. The story of the shows and the music.


David Tamulevitch-  Folk music had had several rises and ebbs in the past 40 years.  The smooth harmonies and lyrics of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Joanie Mitchell, Peter, Paul and Mary and many more have found their way into American music.  From the start of the folk movement in the late 60′s David Tamulevitch was there, as a performer, a writer and more importantly as the force who developed the Folk Music circuit we know today.  Festivals, clubs, and early house concerts all were the province of David as he set up venues for his own performances with fold legend Mustards Retreat.  The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Folk Alliance Midwest, David’s story tells of trips, people, music and an outpouring from the heart. David is that one rare person; an honest music manager.  He works for the artist and the audience.  His story and tale is not finished and will continue for some time. Here it is so far…..



Drew small 


 Drew Saunders- Still  a student, Drew is a reporter for the Eastern Echo, the newspaper at Eastern Michigan University, where he attends classes.  He is also affiliated with The Ann Arbor Observer and Current publications in Ann Arbor Michigan.  His first novel, “Hasan”  will be released in the spring 2014.









Steve Altman  Steve Altman- Actor, writer, director and musician, Steve has worked in movies, written for Motown ( songs for Smokey Robinson and Jose Feliciano)  is the force behind Saturn and Vine Productions.  There he produced the movie “Hell Gig“, and a number of TV shows.  He is also a playwright and has had the blockbuster play “Imagine” running in Los Angeleas and Las Vegas.  He recently staged a musical version of “The Time Machine” to great acclaim.  That show may be headed to Broadway.  We are proud to work with Steve on his book, “Young Santa”, which is being discussed as a movie in Hollywood at this time.  The book version should be released in the fall of 2014.

Claudia Whitsett-

Book Sherpa’s



YOUR BOOK! You may be able to join the award winning roster of writers at Glendower by using BOOK SHERPAS, our easy, in depth method of completing, editing, proofing and publishing your book.  With new technology, publishing is available to a huge number of writers.  Getting the publication seen, however, is the bigger trick.  Let BOOK SHERPAS guide you on the mountain climbing journal that is publishing and marketing your own book.  write to tsaunders_48@hotmail.com or better, send on outline of your book, idea or hopes to Glendower Media P O Box 661, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 48189





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