Coming Attractions.......

Coming Attractions…….

Coming this fall from Glendower Media.…….

“Young Santa” Coming to Glendower…….

  Sometimes you can read a book based on a movie.  And some movies are made from books.  Here with Steve Altman’s new book, “Young Santa” we can be in on the first look at a movie project that originated in a shooting script and went next to a book; this book in particular.  We […]

Adventure Titles

The Portable Richard Harding Davis.  Writer, lecturer, story teller and adventurer.  This was Richard Harding Davis.  The first embedded journalist and the first media celebrity, Richard Harding Davis embodied the ideal American of the 19th Century.  He fought for fair play, righting wrongs, standing up for your rights and always doing so with concern and […]

Reviewers Like Richard Harding Davis....

Reviewers Like Richard Harding Davis….

Here is a review that is appearing on the Barnes & Noble website for the new release The Portable Richard Harding Davis.   Order from B&N or direct from out website.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER——> or Here —–>      Reviewed by Samantha Rivera for Readers’ Favorite “The Portable Richard Harding Davis” “The Portable Richard […]

Richard Harding Davis To Debut March 30

Richard Harding Davis To Debut March 30

The first American Celebrity, Richard Harding Davis, returns to the scene on March 30 in a new book titled “The Portable Richard Harding Davis”  See why this writer and adventurer was the toast of American literary circles in the Edwardian Age.

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