Christmas Sillyness From Benchley

Here is a shot of Christmas Cheer from Robert Benchley.  Get the rest of the originals at our website   Go to to read the whole holiday send-up.

The Native Practice Of “Flinking”

The Native Practice Of “Flinking”

In a recent scholarly article on the practice known as “boodling” to be found In the Northern Michigan region of Beaver Island, Brad Floury has thrown light on a pleasant pastime and cultural gem.  In other Michigan locations, specifically inland lakes, there is a similar practice known as “Flinking”. Flinking takes place not on the […]

Greek Gods…..In Indiana?

Greek Gods…..In Indiana?

 What became of the Greek gods, you might have wondered.  What are Zeus and Hermes and Aphrodite and that gang doing these days? They are living in Olympus, Indiana in Mike Ball’s new book of the same name. Doing “god” things. Sort of……… Hilarious and touching story from the Erma Bombeck winner. Coming April.

Hardcover Benchley for Benchley Society Members…

If you are a member of the Robert Benchley Society you have seen the Facebook post about the special offer for a hardcover edition of The Athletic Benchley.  With the Society Code you can get this wonderful book, with the original illustrations for 33% less than the $36.95 list price; just $24.75. And if you […]

The Athletic Benchley

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