Detroit Music From The Inside…

Detroit Music From The Inside…

Overeasy: Conversations with Pam Rossi are the interviews Pam Rossi has done on her radio show at WCSX Detroit over the last 16 years.  Artists, musicians, characters and legends all go to Over Easy on Sunday morning. Now the interviews are set for you to read again.  Local singers like Jill Jack, Jason Dennie, Latith […]

“Moonlight Becomes You” now available…..

The latest CD from Tom Saunders, who has been singing and performing since 1968, is now available from Glendower.  This collection of songs were recorded for the occasion of Tom’s 20th Anniversary of marriage to Teresa Saunders and he did it to surprise her. It worked.  She was surprised and loved the whole CD.  Tom […]

Music From Detroit….

In a city that has given so much to the world of music, like Della Reese, Motown, Kid Rock, Uncle Cracker, Bob Seger, Aretha Franklin and so many more, you know that the heritage of music runs deep here.  Now see the current masters of music from the City of The Straights in OVER EASY, […]

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