Claudia Whitsitt Smashes a Hit....Again

Claudia Whitsitt Smashes a Hit….Again

Writers are the drug of choice for readers.  At Glendower Media we are blessed with great writers, award winning writers, writers who are at the top of their craft. Sometimes, however, we know of writers who are not on our roster of talent. If they are great, we plug them anyway.  This is the case […]

Mysteries make the heart beat faster.....for a while.....

Mysteries make the heart beat faster…..for a while…..

Glendower Media brings the best and the newest writers of mysteries and suspense to you with new books from the Midwest. Suspense, sudden sounds in the night, stories to keep you up in the dark, and delicious murders.  All from Glendower Media. Watch here for new ways to start being afraid….

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