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I See Your True Colors….

I See Your True Colors….

Now that summer is around the corner its time to prepare for those days at the beach, those picnics and long walks and those rainy afternoons with your children. Activities and books fight boredom and fights.  See our new coloring books and activity books. In the  Your Life section of our STORE.   Also from […]

Blank books are fun to do as they can be your own book and idea for the general public. Glendower Media has two new offerings. The first is for cooks and chefs and lets you share your best efforts in the kitchen for your family and friends.   The other is for everyone who uses […]

In The Kitchen With…..

  If you are getting ready to cook something to keep out the cold, or planning to bake up a storm of cookies and cakes, why not give the best gift to all your friends?  Give them the gift of your own recipes! We can give you the blank book to include all of your […]

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