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Authors In Your Home

Authors In Your Home

  Do you love books? Do you love great writing that makes you laugh, get mad, fear for the hero, and turn the pages so fast that you can’t keep up? We certainly do, and we love the fact that authors, writers, reporters and story tellers are part of Glendower.  All day long I get […]

Now We’re Cooking……….

  Give the best gift you can give……your creativity.  “Recipes From My Kitchen” allows you to give your friends and family the best meals and treats you create in your kitchen.  Cookies, cakes, gravy, baked apples and bread (home baked) are all recipes I have received from others. Don’t forget that special full meal that […]

Writers Write. Seems Simple Enough…..

  If you are a writer who wants to go pro and perhaps make a living telling your stories, you know that you need to write. Starting early in life is the best way to become the best writer you can.  Practice in writing is the most basic element in becoming professional.  Nothing new or […]

Pre Order Your Copy.....

Pre Order Your Copy…..

  Keep your coin wants close at hand with this new and easy to use workbook for coin collectors.  It has room for listing your wants to complete your collection and fill those holes in your book.   Write in it, keep notes and find treasures at coin shows, yard sales, estate sales and grandma’s […]

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