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All of the Glendower Media Award Winning titles can be ordered direct from our store at our website.   The shipping is priced at cost and sometimes we ship FREE depending on the deal. We also ship gift wrapped for holidays, birthdays, and graduations.  Go shopping at our store and find some wonderful treasures. Also coming […]

Adventure Titles

The Portable Richard Harding Davis.  Writer, lecturer, story teller and adventurer.  This was Richard Harding Davis.  The first embedded journalist and the first media celebrity, Richard Harding Davis embodied the ideal American of the 19th Century.  He fought for fair play, righting wrongs, standing up for your rights and always doing so with concern and […]

Music Titles

Music Titles

“Oooo, Baby, Baby.”  New Motown Book celebrates Detroit Music Now you can live all the music, the excitement, the dancing and the magic again with   ” RECOLLECTIONS: The Motown Sound By The People Who Made It”. The wonderful  Motown music calls to ” everyone around the world”. All the pictures of your favorites, some artists you […]

Humor Titles

Humor Titles

The Athletic Benchley-Paper Cover  Meet the world’s “Master Of Nonsense” as he laughs his way through the 20′s and 30′s in the pages of  The Detroit Athletic Club News magazine.  These pieces became the basis for  Benchley’s books and movies. He won an Academy Award and went on to define comedy for the twentieth Century. […]

The Athletic Benchley

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