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BooksThe following are the books currently available from Glendower Media in several formats:

Books in Print

Glendower Media/Glendower Press



The Athletic Benchley                                           Robert Benchley

Love Conquers All                                                     Robert Benchley

Lub Dub                                                                            Ed Tasca

Olympus, Indiana                                                     Mike Ball

What I’ve Learned So Far                                    Mike Ball

Angels, Chimps and Tater Mitts                   Mike Ball

Banjos, Boats and Butt Dialing                      Mike Ball

Of All Things                                                               Robert Benchley

The Portable Stephen Leacock                     Stephen Leacock




Grace Harlowe’s High School Years          Jesse Flower

The Portable Richard Harding Davis        Richard Harding Davis

Hasan                                                                               Drew Saunders

The Puppet Crown                                                 Harold MacGrath

The Great Hold-Up Mystery                           Wilfrid Usher






Boats, Barns and Bungalows                      T F Hempel

Press Pass                                                                 Jack & Kathy Ryan                         

A Young Woman’s Journal                         Sans Sargent      

Blank Recipe Book for Cooks…                 Sans Sargent

Recipes From My Kitchen                           Sans Sargent

My Password Vault                                           Sans Sargent

US Coins Wanted                                                Thomas Saunders

Musings of a Middle-Aged…                       Sue Keat

The Wedding Address Book                       Tress Hotzel





Guess Who Gets To Wear….                       Pam Rossi

What Kind Of Fish Are You?                     Tress Saunders

Young Santa                                                         Steve Altman

Mix It Up ! Coloring Book

Nature Coloring Book

W Is For Wild! Big Coloring…



I Told You I Wasn’t Perfect                        Denny McLain

The Art Of Pitching                                         Denny McLain




RECOLLECTIONS: The Motown Sound             Jack Ryan

Over Easy                                                                                  Pam Rossi

Moonlight Becomes You                                             Tom Saunders

SongAnon Volume I                                                       Various Artists

The Best Of FOLK IT! 2007                                        Various Artists

Lost Voices                                                                            Josh White, JR, Kitty Donohoe etc.

Meet The Sea Monkeys                                                Sea Monkeys                                  


Questions or requests can be sent to glendower32@gmail.com

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The Athletic Benchley

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