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 Reviewed by Samantha Rivera for Readers’ Favorite “The Portable Richard Harding Davis”

“The Portable Richard Harding Davis” is not just one story to amaze you with the delights of people around the world but a collection of stories. Characters range from innocent children to slaves, and English ladies to common actors. They each have a story to tell and they each has a different style of life yet Davis manages to create each one in a way that brings them to life. It is quite rarely that an author can capture the lives and the true characters of so many different types of people but it does happen in this book. There is a story within this book that will relate to you.

The stories written by Davis are definitely interesting and provide the reader with a look into the lives of characters who are completely ordinary. He has a way of capturing the true essence of a variety of different people and making you not only relate to them but want to know more. Each story, when it ends, leaves you wanting more. I definitely wanted to learn more about all of them and I especially liked reading about the little actress girl in ‘Her First Appearance,’ one of the short stories in “The Portable Richard Harding Davis”. The characters will drive you crazy with their selfishness. They will make you anxious with their crazy actions and they will definitely amaze you with their boldness and bravery. I loved reading this book of adventure, love and everything in between and I know everyone else will too.


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